The Need To Lead

Enhance Your Survivability

As a man in this world you have a role to play, your main role is to LEAD, you are the ‘Leading Man’ with a ‘Need To Lead’, it’s been bred into you so your ‘species survives’. 

The meaning of life is survival at whatever level you are at. Survive so that you can ‘Be More, Do More & Have More’ in every area of your life.

Your level of survival all comes down to your ‘Need To Lead Ability

The Leading Man’s Ability To Lead His World To A New Land, Comes Down To These 7 Secrets

You know “The Need To Lead” is in most men.

But, the men that lead and consistently succeed follow & execute these 7 secrets

Leading Men – Leaders of nations, Leaders of self made companies that are now empires, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

Leaders in life who lead themselves, that consistently succeed & win Physically & Mentally, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

Leaders in family, marriage & relationships that consistently succeed & win Emotionally, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

Leaders of business that consistently succeed & win Financially, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

If you look around in your world you will find many “Leading Men” but very few “Leading Men” that have the “The Need To Lead” ability…

You ask Why? 

Why do most men not consistently succeed Physically, Mentally, Financially & Emotionally?

The answer is… from my own experience & wisdom over the last 29 years… They simply do not know the 7 secrets & they dont have a way to track them. 

Thats Why…

The 7 secrets are not complex, confusing or overwhelming they are clear & concise… they are defined!

Once the 7 secrets are obtained it’s then simply how they are documented, that’s the huge part most ‘men’ miss, that leads them to fail or at best, they fall short.

In “The Need To Lead” program I show, explain, document & walk you through the 7 secrets of leadership for the “Leading Man” for you to consistently succeed Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Financially.

Watch, Learn, Use & Lead with Ease

Know Your Role

You succeed at the highest level by ‘being you’, your world will try to place you in a role but only you know that role; find it.

Visionary or Implementor

Creator or Organiser 

Say-er or Do-er

Master Communicator

Your ability to clearly communicate into your world defines the level at which you survive at, you must become a master at moving people with your words.




Power Player Planner

Know what you want, know where you are going. Document, Document, Document…





Stand In Your Power

The time comes when as a ‘Leading Man’ you have to make hard and sometimes brutal decisions.

Know how to:  




Four C’s

Instilling ‘unshakable commitment’ comes from confiding in yourself – to confide in oneself means to have confidence in oneself. 

‘Leading Men’ have unshakable confidence – God Like. ‘Leading Man Confidence’.





C. E. W.’s

‘Leading Men’, need and lead a ‘Community of Expert Who’s’ (C.E.Ws) that can get the job done. Get them.

Surround yourself with Power Players.


Who’s Needed. 

Let them go.

Return, Review & Report

Ready, Aim, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire… Then ask questions… 

Then go again, Aim, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire… Then ask questions… 

Then go again, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire… Then ask questions… 

Everyday – Morning and Night




You have to watch this!

You’re being called to a place, you are not here by mistake, the time is NOW!

What do you have to do to make it happen?

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