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The Leading Man’s
Level Of Success Is His Ability To Execute The 7 Secrets

You know “The Need To Lead” is in most men.

But, the men that lead and consistently succeed follow & execute these 7 secrets

Leading Men – Leaders of nations, Leaders of self made companies that are now empires, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

Leaders in life who lead themselves, that consistently succeed & win Physically & Mentally, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

Leaders in family, marriage & relationships that consistently succeed & win Emotionally, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

Leaders of business that consistently succeed & win Financially, all have “The Need to Lead” ability.

If you look around in your world you will find many “Leading Men” but very few “Leading Men” that have the “The Need To Lead” ability…

You ask Why? 

Why do most men not consistently succeed Physically, Mentally, Financially & Emotionally?

The answer is…from my own experience & wisdom over the last 29 years… They simply do not know the 7 secrets & they don’t have a way to track them. 

The 7 secrets are not complex, confusing or overwhelming they are clear & concise… they are defined!

Once the 7 secrets are obtained it’s then simply how they are documented, that’s the huge part most ‘men’ miss, that leads them to fail or at best, they fall short.

In “The Need To Lead” programme I show, explain, document & walk you through the 7 secrets of leadership for the “Leading Man” for you to consistently succeed Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Financially.

In the “Executive Pack”… I use daily, you have it all… to consistently succeed, this is not one of those generic off the shelf waste of resources – this is the real deal! 

I created & have used it for years & only now am I sharing them with you as a Bonus Free Gift, I give, as you see.

Brother, this next Bonus Free Gift to you is “The Power Players Planner”. It’s the system that I follow daily, to easily document my expansion & bring it all together – by simply following this your Power, Profit & Prestige in life increases tenfold.

Seeing & watching “Leading Men” deliver & be rewarded for their hard work is important to me, the “Need To Lead Executive Pack is the guarantee that you as a ‘Leading Man’ wins.

Brother here is what you get in the “Need To Lead” Executive Pack”

The Need To Lead

7 Secrets Programme, Instant Access...

The Executive Pack

Leather Bound Leaders A5 File, delivered to your home. Free Gift

The Power Players Planner

Delivered to your home. Bonus Free Gift

Your success is important to me.

Put the “Need To Lead” Executive Pack” together with The Leading Man Movement & you completely nail it over the next 30 days, take it, use it, win with it… 

I will be personally walking you through them step by step… this is wisdom others simply do not know, and the ones that do have the wisdom, drag it out & over complicate the process, you’ll receive them like a shot to the heart.

All Leading Men value time & speed of execution and systems that produce power, profit & prestige all at once, not volume of overwhelming content that creates confusion.

The time is now, here it is, showing up, just looks different than expected, right?

So here we are ‘Leading Man’… now is the time to roll.

‘Need To Lead - Executive Pack’ Includes


‘The Need To Lead’

7 Secrets Programme, Instant access… £500


‘The Executive Pack’

Leather Bound, Leaders A5 File, Bonus Free Gift delivered to your home £106


‘The Power Players Planner’

Special Bonus Free Gift delivered to your home £49

Total Price £655
One Time Outlay £79

100% Guarantee, if the ‘Need To Lead Executive Pack’ does not expand your business mindset, money making ability, connection to the Queen & self, keep the products and instantly take your money back, by one click or an email to us.

Leading Man Guarantee’, we don’t waste time, because we don’t have time to waste. 

Normal Price £655
One time outlay £79

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