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For The Man Who Expects More!

This Movement is your advancement to access more power, profit and prestige in Business, Marriage & Life

Expansion Needs Movement

This is your opportunity to join this exclusive private masterclass live with myself, Dale Gaucas & my VIP Guests – I call them my Power Players Brothers.

We’ll expose to you and other fellow ‘Leading Men’ the hidden secrets, systems & strategies we use that expand our businesses, money game, marriages & lives, daily.

We Show You The Proven Path

From a mindset of inner hidden fear to an open knowingness, a Mind Of Steel. 

Bankrupt businesses and loss of millions to Sustainable Success, cash in the hand and in the bank. 

Marriage on the rocks destined for disaster, to a Turnaround Of Real Connection, openess and sex.

Settling for the health norms of weekend boozing, food & flatlining fitness to Priming, Pure Power like your  20’s.

It’s real simple…

I show ‘Leading Men’
- who want it all in Business, Marriage & Life, how to get it.

Here is exactly what I'll show and give you…

Mind Of Steel

Needed For Power

Steel up the mind, take ownership and control the ticking time bomb inside your mind. The inside fix that creates a mind of steel, for the powerful, proud, relentless leader that you are, take ownership & control your world – let me show you this simple process; it kills the confusion.

Marketing For Millions, Blueprint

Needed For Profit

Make your business worth the risk / reward, get paid on your terms, you ‘The King’ needs cash and your kingdom needs cashflow; you built the castle now build the kingdom, see how to make Millions in Marketing. I will walk you through the complete step-by-step framework, take the blueprint, use it & win.

Marriage Game

Needed For Prestige

The queen wants your power, love, connection, & sex, she wants you intimatey. It’s time to transition your game, to play games you can’t lose, the feeling you feel is real. Use this system to re-galvanise your connection.

Master The Man

Needed For Power, Profit & Prestige

Drop the past wins, regain the fight, start swinging, become the man you’re meant to be. Access the power you possess – receive the message – get the strategy that the masculine male man inside needs to hear & feel deep in the cells of your body to get in the best shape of your life to stand, live, & lead as the Leading Man.

The Leading Man Movement

4 Days
4 Exclusive Sessions
VIP Guests

One outcome - Complete Expansion

For the Man Who Expects More!

Meet with Dale and his Leading Men - the Power Players Brothers.

Have direct access to Dale in an Exclusive Meeting Room:

  • 3 Hours Of Extra Bonus Content
  • Secret Guests
  • Your Own Private & Exclusive Masterclass
  • 4 x 45 Minute Sessions At The End Of Each ‘Challenge Day’
  • Free VIP Special Bonuses  

Mind Of Steel
Needed For Power

Marketing For Millions, Blueprint
Needed For Profit

Marriage Game
Needed For Prestige

Master The Man
Needed For Power, Profit, & Prestige

The Bonus Free Gift you’re getting, is instant access to the

‘Secrets To The “Money Code” - Play Games You Can’t Lose’ Programme

‘Give yourself away’, that is one of my personal ‘Ride or Die Laws’ that is why you’re getting the ‘Money Code’ FREE of charge;

Normally £500!

Let me support you by getting these secrets into your world & mind.

 7 Power Secrets that will expand your mental capacity to make & retain your money game.

Hard hitting, no time wasted over explaining, just powerful wisdom that once you know, you know!

Secrets that the world’s wealthiest & most successful ‘Leading Men’ follow to make, retain & expand their ‘Money Game’, are now yours for FREE.

It's time you had an unfair advantage

So this is what you’re getting

The Leading Man Movement

Day 1

Mind Of Steel

Needed for Power

Day 2

Marketing For Millions, Blueprint

Needed for Profit

Day 3

Marriage Game

Needed for Prestige

Day 4

Master The Man

Needed for Power, Profit, & Prestige

The Leading Man Movement

4 Days

4 Exclusive Sessions

VIP Guests

One outcome - Complete Expansion

Normal Price £1997

One Off Outlay £49

My Bonus Free Gift To You

“Secrets To The “Money Code”
Play Games You Can’t Lose”
- instant access

Normal Price £500 Free £0

Total price £2,497 One Off Outlay £49

You asked, so here it is Brother…start playing games you can’t lose.

The Leading Man Guarantee

100% Guarantee, if in the first 20 minutes of the ‘Leading Man Movement’ I have not expanded your business mindset, money making ability, connection to your Queen & self,  instantly take your money back, by one click or an email to us.

Leading Man Guarantee’, we don’t waste time, because we don’t have time to waste.

Total price £2,497 One Off Outlay £49

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